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WarriorNet is our online training environment. We currently have 3 exciting courses for you to choose from all aiming to help your transition into adult hood with a Black Belt Character. With hundreds of instructional videos from our world class team, along with online assessments, and interactive quizzes and challenges to track your progress! 

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Warrior Academy Course

We have an instructional video on every single technique your child needs to learn to go for their next belt! It's an exciting way for your warrior to make big leaps forward in their technique, by working at home!

'Not a Victim' Bullying Course

We are currently developing a 6 week course to help parents mentor their children through bullying. Sebastian Bates is currently co authoring the book 'Not a Victim'. 

Character Development Course

Alongside our Warrior Academy Martial Arts Training, we have an exciting and powerful character development programme with activities and challenges to help develop your child's confidence, conduct and concentration. 

Bond With Your Child

Our courses are designed for parents to work with their children. We are frequently told by parents how much they help them get a deeper understanding of our programme and helps them bond with their child at home. From mentoring your child through bullying, developing their character to improving their technique.

Develop Your Technique In Just 30 Minutes Per Week

Most of our students who accelerate quickly and develop the fastest, train at home with WarriorNet for 30 minutes per week! 

Discover A Powerful Daily Habits Routine

Our daily habits routine works rapidly to to improve each child's confidence, conduct and concentration. 

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